Spore: 15 Easy Steps To Getting the Game Running · 8 September 2008, 02:33

I like games but rarely have time for them. I also usually do not get a game when it is first released because of the bugs that generally accompany any first release.

I have, however, been anticipating Spore (EA) for almost two years. So last night I decided to not wait 3 weeks for the local Best Buy to get more boxed copies in and instead I purchased and downloaded the game from EA.

After the 2 hour download I ran the installer and then started the game. Screen goes black, resizes to 1024×768, EA logo appears and then poof, crashes. Try again, same story.

So, 2 hours later and a lot of EA forum trawling, I get the game to run. Here are the steps I had to take on my Windows XP, 3.0 Ghz Shuttle (1 GB RAM) with a Radeon 5500 (256 MB) video card to get the game to work:

It worked. Easy :p.

— Max Schubert