PHP: Often "lite" Is Just Right · 12 August 2007, 17:02

I have been a software developer for a little over ten years now; in that time I have written software using a wide variety of languages. With most languages, the key to fast success seems to be finding the right (i.e. most widely used, most idiomatic) frameworks or libraries to use.

I find that with PHP I am often developing on memory or I/O starved platforms; for these situations the “right” frameworks tend to be too memory and/or CPU intensive for the hardware (or VPS) that is hosting the application. More often than not in these situations I use an Extreme-style of JIT infrastructure development approach.

For example:

As a project / site grows I add to these libraries to fit the needs of the site. If it gets large enough to warrant more beefy hardware, RAM, and disks, then I look at converting to PEAR libraries and larger frameworks, which tends to be fairly easy as I already have class wrappers for most functionality in place at that point.

— Max Schubert



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