Updated Nagios::Plugin::SNMP and Nenm::Utils on Githhub (on CPAN this week) · 26 August 2009, 19:19

I have released version 1.2 of Nagios::Plugin::SNMP to Github:—plugin—snmp/tree/master

This release includes:

Additionally I have released an updated version of the Nenm::Utils module that I initially created for the Syngress Nagios book project I lead. This version includes:

This module is also available on the book site

My team at work uses both of these modules extensively to query several thousand SNMP-based agents every 5 minutes.

Special thanks to:

My teammates Ryan Richins and Shaofeng Yang for their extensive contributions to both of these modules.

My managers at Comcast, Mike Fischer and Jason Livingood, for allowing us to contribute code we have done at work back to the open source community.

Comcast is hiring! Our team is looking for a talented developer with systems administration experience to join our team. Let me know if you are in the northern Virginia area of the US and are looking for a fun and challenging place to work :).

— Max Schubert



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