Why do I get an 'unitialized value' error message from Getopt/ when Nagios runs my perl-based plugin under ePN? · 25 July 2009, 10:48

Had this message while debugging an ePN-based script today:

**ePN /data/nagios/etc/customers/tean/project/plugins/ "Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/Getopt/ line 848,".

Was very puzzled by this as i had never seen that error before, we run 20-30 or more ePN-based scripts, and obviously I don’t maintain that code so how could I have introduced a bug into it?

Answer: I didn’t. What i did do was define a custom attribute for a service but not put any spaces after the attribute in my service definition. E.g.

define command {
    command_name check_plugin_name
    command_line $USER10$/team/project/plugins/ \
    --check-interval $_SERVICE_PROJECT_CHECK_INTERVAL$ \
    --hostname $HOSTADDRESS$ \
    -p '$_HOST_SNMP_PORT$' \
    --snmp-version 2c \
    --rocommunity $_HOST_SNMP_COMMUNITY$ \
    --timeout $_HOST_PLUGIN_TIMEOUT$ \

Notice that at the end of the command line I reference $_SERVICE_PROJECT_WARN$. This style of custom attribute calling lets the user set a warning threshold definition the service definition if they want to, like so

define service {
    __project_warn -w my_threshold_specification

But if they don’t, no changes are needed to the command definition to let it work as the command does not require a warning threshold.

However I then defined the attribute like so in my service definition:

define service {
    __project_warn<-- end of line, no spaces!

This caused Nagios to substitute a null or some other non-printable character as the value of the attribute in the command line before executing it, which in turn got passed through to Getopt/ as an undefined option name.

The fix .. just add spaces and an empty string to the attribute in the service definition :)

define service {
    __snmp_port           161
    __project_warn        ''

Voila, no undefined option.

Could be a candidate for either a Nagios custom attribute value fix or a Getopt/ fix, I am thinking Getopt::Long should set an undefined option name to the empty string so that developers do not have to guard for this condition.

— Max Schubert



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