The "E" word corrupts a Wiki · 9 August 2007, 18:47

Confluence, The Enterprise Wiki

Pretty UI, well designed java API, missing many features that GPL / OSS Wikis provide. The latest versions require Oracle to be used as a backend. At work I have been told we have to upgrade away from the HSQLDB version of this Wiki to the Oracle version. When I asked “Why?” the only answer I was given was that the Oracle version is more “robust” and “because we use this in production.” This Wiki instance is used for internal documentation and collaboration among a group of about 40 people.

Hmm .. so we change from a reliable, lightweight, zero-administration ,mature database backend to a reliable, very heavyweight, complex database .. and we get more robustness? Doesn’t compute. Smells of licensing revenue to me.

I find Confluence to be a decent piece of groupware, I find that it is much less flexible and easy to use than many other Wikis I have used. The “E” word has corrupted Confluence.

— Max Schubert



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