Nagios patch withdrawl: only send recovery escalation notifications for services if a problem escalation notification was sent · 24 July 2009, 13:16

Well, I hate to say it, but me oculpa, I had to withdraw the first attempt at the patch I did in an earlier article (which I have hidden for now to make sure others do not download it) that was supposed to fix escalation recovery notification behavior.

My first attempt at the patch was overly naive; if you downloaded it, please remove it from your installation as it will most likely not work for you. It does work for us, but our configuration is very unique and very different from how most people use Nagios.

I have a new version in place at my job and I will be releasing that version next week or the week after next. Why might you trust this new one after my poor first attempts?

My apologies if you downloaded and used the earlier patches; thankfully it will not corrupt data etc, just does not do what I promised it would do.

The current version is working for us and working with typical configurations as well I am just not going to repeat the same mistakes I made last time as I know how frustrating it is to back out code.

— Max Schubert



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