PNP-aware version of Drraw released · 27 February 2009, 06:43

I have been looking for a while for a tool to let me and our users create custom web-based dashboards from PNP RRD files using a web interface.

On the PNP users mailing list someone mentioned a perl-based tool to create dashboards from RRD files called Drraw. I installed it (very easy!) and it is quite a cool tool for this purpose. Very full-featured and flexible. The tool was written by Cristophe Kalt.

I saw a few things I did not like about it:

So I added code to the project that will read from the XML meta-data descriptors PNP creates along with RRD files so that when you go to create a new template/graph in Drraw you see the DS names as specified in the perfdata output from your Nagios plugins. I also cleaned the CSS up, renamed the CGI to index.cgi, and included a little Apache configuration snippet to make it easy to set up Drraw in Apache with the index.cgi file being used as the directory index.

Hope you find it useful; I have interest in integrating this functionality into PNP .. if you have interest as well and are famililar with PNP, perl, and PHP, write me, I welcome help.

Update – Cristophe added PNP integration code to the project independent of me doing it, his release JUST came out today :), so feel free to use my variant but I am discussing with him and will be talking with other developers about rolling my changes back into the main line and helping with the project as a developer.

— Max Schubert



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