Nagios and JSON with statusjson.cgi: a winning combination! · 27 September 2008, 13:35

Yann JOUANIN’s new JSON output CGI for Nagios called Nagios2JSON has some seriously important positive impacts to the utility of Nagios as glue for an organization’s monitoring infrastructure.

I have been using the JSON CGI to build a custom web interface to Nagios to help convince some important people I work with that Nagios is more flexible and easier to mold without hacking than any other open source fault management framework available today. Working with JSON lets me really just focus on my front end and just treat Nagios as a data source .. really really cool!

Some of the limitations of the current implementation (project is very young)

I really cannot say enough good things about this add on and I really hope Yann continues to work on this project.

— Max Schubert



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