Why you should not use the default HSQLDB backend with Confluence · 19 July 2008, 15:18

Confluence clearly states on their web site that users should not use Confluence with the default HSQLDB backend in production. However, they fail to list any reason why HSQLDB should not be used. This may lead some people (like me) into thinking that HSQLDB will be ok for the long term since they do not list any reasons for their statement.

So we stuck with the HSQLDB back end for our Wiki. It was bad. After a few months we did have some data integrity problems (fortunately, with records that had been deleted), but even this was enough to break the built-in Hibernate-based backups and force us to migrate.

The migration was hard too. Why:

Some of the challenges we ran into:

I really wish Atlassian would list some of these potential problems on their site, had they given more than just ‘do not use it’ we would have listened :).

— Max Schubert



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