Disruptive Technology · 6 June 2007, 18:23

Some time ago a client I work for talked to a group of us about Disruptive Technology; the majority of the presentation focused on technological history and Internet history. Personally I see how Internet technologies were disruptive at the inception of the Internet, but in 2007? How is the Internet disruptive now??

What technologies do I find to be disruptive these days? Outdated interfaces, physical or programmed, that hang around because the companies who sell / promote them have a customer base that is used to whatever awkward / unwieldy interface they are pushing.

A prime example: remote controls; every manufacturer decides that layout N is the layout they will use, rarely do the layouts between vendors match, rarely do vendors choose the same naming conventions beyond basics like the Play button, fast forward, rewind.

Take a 70 year-old who just wants to have a nice experience with his new home theater, hand him 6 remotes, and ask him what his definition of disruptive technology is!

— Max Schubert



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